Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 75

sacred person of the
messenger of Jad-ben-Otho? Only as a special mark of favor from
Jad-ben-Otho may even Ko-tan himself receive this honor from me.
Hasten! Already now have I waited too long! What manner of reception
the Ho-don of A-lur would extend to the son of my father!"

At first Tarzan had been inclined to adopt the role of Jad-ben-Otho
himself but it occurred to him that it might prove embarrassing and
considerable of a bore to be compelled constantly to portray the
character of a god, but with the growing success of his scheme it had
suddenly occurred to him that the authority of the son of Jad-ben-Otho
would be far greater than that of an ordinary messenger of a god, while
at the same time giving him some leeway in the matter of his acts and
demeanor, the ape-man reasoning that a young god would not be held so
strictly accountable in the matter of his dignity and bearing as an
older and greater god.

This time the effect of his words was immediately and painfully
noticeable upon all those near him. With one accord they shrank back,
the spokesman almost collapsing in evident terror. His apologies, when
finally the paralysis of his fear would permit him to voice them, were
so abject that the ape-man could scarce repress a smile of amused

"Have mercy, O Dor-ul-Otho," he pleaded, "on poor old Dak-lot. Precede
me and I will show you to where Ko-tan, the king, awaits you,
trembling. Aside, snakes and vermin," he cried pushing his warriors to
right and left for the purpose of forming an avenue for Tarzan.

"Come!" cried the ape-man peremptorily, "lead the way, and let these
others follow."

The now thoroughly frightened Dak-lot did as he was bid, and Tarzan of
the Apes was ushered into the palace of Kotan, King of Pal-ul-don.


Blood-Stained Altars

The entrance through which he caught his first glimpse of the interior
was rather beautifully carved in geometric designs, and within the
walls were similarly treated, though as he proceeded from one apartment
to another he found also the figures of animals, birds, and men taking
their places among the more formal figures of the mural decorator's
art. Stone vessels were much in evidence as well as ornaments of gold
and the skins of many animals, but nowhere did he see an indication of
any woven fabric, indicating that in that respect at least the Ho-don
were still low in the scale of evolution, and yet the proportions and
symmetry of the corridors and apartments bespoke a degree of

The way led through several apartments and

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