Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 60

leaping to his feet upon the horny back.
Tarzan saw the bestial face, the great fangs, the mighty muscles. From
the loins of such had sprung the human race--and only from such could
it have sprung, for only such as this might have survived the horrid
dangers of the age that was theirs.

The Tor-o-don beat upon his breast and growled horribly--hideous,
uncouth, beastly. Tarzan rose to his full height upon a swaying
branch--straight and beautiful as a demigod--unspoiled by the taint of
civilization--a perfect specimen of what the human race might have been
had the laws of man not interfered with the laws of nature.

The Present fitted an arrow to his bow and drew the shaft far back. The
Past basing its claims upon brute strength sought to reach the other
and drag him down; but the loosed arrow sank deep into the savage heart
and the Past sank back into the oblivion that had claimed his kind.

"Tarzan-jad-guru!" murmured Pan-at-lee, unknowingly giving him out of
the fullness of her admiration the same title that the warriors of her
tribe had bestowed upon him.

The ape-man turned to her. "Pan-at-lee," he said, "these beasts may
keep us treed here indefinitely. I doubt if we can escape together, but
I have a plan. You remain here, hiding yourself in the foliage, while I
start back across the gorge in sight of them and yelling to attract
their attention. Unless they have more brains than I suspect they will
follow me. When they are gone you make for the cliff. Wait for me in
the cave not longer than today. If I do not come by tomorrow's sun you
will have to start back for Kor-ul-JA alone. Here is a joint of deer
meat for you." He had severed one of the deer's hind legs and this he
passed up to her.

"I cannot desert you," she said simply; "it is not the way of my people
to desert a friend and ally. Om-at would never forgive me."

"Tell Om-at that I commanded you to go," replied Tarzan.

"It is a command?" she asked.

"It is! Good-bye, Pan-at-lee. Hasten back to Om-at--you are a fitting
mate for the chief of Kor-ul-JA." He moved off slowly through the trees.

"Good-bye, Tarzan-jad-guru!" she called after him. "Fortunate are my
Om-at and his Pan-at-lee in owning such a friend."

Tarzan, shouting aloud, continued upon his way and the great gryfs,
lured by his voice, followed beneath. His ruse was evidently proving
successful and he was filled with elation as he led the bellowing
beasts farther and farther from Pan-at-lee. He hoped

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