Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 6

the hideous scream burst from the ape-man's lips the man-thing
stepped quickly back as in sudden awe, but when Tarzan returned his
hunting knife to its sheath and turned toward him the other saw in the
quiet dignity of his demeanor no cause for apprehension.

For a moment the two stood appraising each other, and then the
man-thing spoke. Tarzan realized that the creature before him was
uttering articulate sounds which expressed in speech, though in a
language with which Tarzan was unfamiliar, the thoughts of a man
possessing to a greater or less extent the same powers of reason that
he possessed. In other words, that though the creature before him had
the tail and thumbs and great toes of a monkey, it was, in all other
respects, quite evidently a man.

The blood, which was now flowing down Tarzan's side, caught the
creature's attention. From the pocket-pouch at his side he took a small
bag and approaching Tarzan indicated by signs that he wished the
ape-man to lie down that he might treat the wound, whereupon, spreading
the edges of the cut apart, he sprinkled the raw flesh with powder from
the little bag. The pain of the wound was as nothing to the exquisite
torture of the remedy but, accustomed to physical suffering, the
ape-man withstood it stoically and in a few moments not only had the
bleeding ceased but the pain as well.

In reply to the soft and far from unpleasant modulations of the other's
voice, Tarzan spoke in various tribal dialects of the interior as well
as in the language of the great apes, but it was evident that the man
understood none of these. Seeing that they could not make each other
understood, the pithecanthropus advanced toward Tarzan and placing his
left hand over his own heart laid the palm of his right hand over the
heart of the ape-man. To the latter the action appeared as a form of
friendly greeting and, being versed in the ways of uncivilized races,
he responded in kind as he realized it was doubtless intended that he
should. His action seemed to satisfy and please his new-found
acquaintance, who immediately fell to talking again and finally, with
his head tipped back, sniffed the air in the direction of the tree
above them and then suddenly pointing toward the carcass of Bara, the
deer, he touched his stomach in a sign language which even the densest
might interpret. With a wave of his hand Tarzan invited his guest to
partake of the remains of his savage repast, and the other, leaping
nimbly as a

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