Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 59

of man--something akin to the Java man, perhaps; a
truer example of the pithecanthropi than either the Ho-don or the
Waz-don; possibly the precursor of them both. As his eyes wandered idly
over the scene below his active brain was working out the details of
the plan that he had made to permit Pan-at-lee's escape from the gorge.
His thoughts were interrupted by a strange cry from above them in the

"Whee-oo! Whee-oo!" it sounded, coming closer.

The gryfs below raised their heads and looked in the direction of the
interruption. One of them made a low, rumbling sound in its throat. It
was not a bellow and it did not indicate anger. Immediately the
"Whee-oo!" responded. The gryfs repeated the rumbling and at intervals
the "Whee-oo!" was repeated, coming ever closer.

Tarzan looked at Pan-at-lee. "What is it?" he asked.

"I do not know," she replied. "Perhaps a strange bird, or another
horrid beast that dwells in this frightful place."

"Ah," exclaimed Tarzan; "there it is. Look!"

Pan-at-lee voiced a cry of despair. "A Tor-o-don!"

The creature, walking erect and carrying a stick in one hand, advanced
at a slow, lumbering gait. It walked directly toward the gryfs who
moved aside, as though afraid. Tarzan watched intently. The Tor-o-don
was now quite close to one of the triceratops. It swung its head and
snapped at him viciously. Instantly the Tor-o-don sprang in and
commenced to belabor the huge beast across the face with his stick. To
the ape-man's amazement the GRYF, that might have annihilated the
comparatively puny Tor-o-don instantly in any of a dozen ways, cringed
like a whipped cur.

"Whee-oo! Whee-oo!" shouted the Tor-o-don and the GRYF came slowly
toward him. A whack on the median horn brought it to a stop. Then the
Tor-o-don walked around behind it, clambered up its tail and seated
himself astraddle of the huge back. "Whee-oo!" he shouted and prodded
the beast with a sharp point of his stick. The GRYF commenced to move

So rapt had Tarzan been in the scene below him that he had given no
thought to escape, for he realized that for him and Pan-at-lee time had
in these brief moments turned back countless ages to spread before
their eyes a page of the dim and distant past. They two had looked upon
the first man and his primitive beasts of burden.

And now the ridden GRYF halted and looked up at them, bellowing. It was
sufficient. The creature had warned its master of their presence.
Instantly the Tor-o-don urged the beast close beneath the tree which
held them, at the same time

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