Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 56

would have to climb high in an incredibly short
time as, unless appearances were deceiving, the thing could reach up
and pluck him down from any branch under thirty feet above the ground,
and possibly from those up to fifty feet, if it reared up on its hind

But Tarzan was no sluggard and though the GRYF was incredibly fast
despite its great bulk, it was no match for Tarzan, and when it comes
to climbing, the little monkeys gaze with envy upon the feats of the
ape-man. And so it was that the bellowing GRYF came to a baffled stop
at the foot of the tree and even though he reared up and sought to
seize his prey among the branches, as Tarzan had guessed he might, he
failed in this also. And then, well out of reach, Tarzan came to a stop
and there, just above him, he saw Pan-at-lee sitting, wide-eyed and

"How came you here?" he asked.

She told him. "You came to warn me!" he said. "It was very brave and
unselfish of you. I am chagrined that I should have been thus
surprised. The creature was up wind from me and yet I did not sense its
near presence until it charged. I cannot understand it."

"It is not strange," said Pan-at-lee. "That is one of the peculiarities
of the GRYF--it is said that man never knows of its presence until it
is upon him--so silently does it move despite its great size."

"But I should have smelled it," cried Tarzan, disgustedly.

"Smelled it!" ejaculated Pan-at-lee. "Smelled it?"

"Certainly. How do you suppose I found this deer so quickly? And I
sensed the GRYF, too, but faintly as at a great distance." Tarzan
suddenly ceased speaking and looked down at the bellowing creature
below them--his nostrils quivered as though searching for a scent.
"Ah!" he exclaimed. "I have it!"

"What?" asked Pan-at-lee.

"I was deceived because the creature gives off practically no odor,"
explained the ape-man. "What I smelled was the faint aroma that
doubtless permeates the entire jungle because of the long presence of
many of the creatures--it is the sort of odor that would remain for a
long time, faint as it is.

"Pan-at-lee, did you ever hear of a triceratops? No? Well this thing
that you call a GRYF is a triceratops and it has been extinct for
hundreds of thousands of years. I have seen its skeleton in the museum
in London and a figure of one restored. I always thought that the
scientists who did such work depended principally upon an overwrought
imagination, but I see that

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