Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 51

herself to believe--and if not dead how long it would
be before he regained consciousness. If he did not regain it soon he
never would regain it, that she knew, for she felt her fingers numbing
to the strain upon them and slipping, slowly, slowly, from their hold.
It was then that Tarzan regained consciousness. He could not know what
power upheld him, but he felt that whatever it was it was slowly
releasing its hold upon his ankle. Within easy reach of his hands were
two pegs and these he seized upon just as Pan-at-lee's fingers slipped
from their hold.

As it was he came near to being precipitated into the gorge--only his
great strength saved him. He was upright now and his feet found other
pegs. His first thought was of his foe. Where was he? Waiting above
there to finish him? Tarzan looked up just as the frightened face of
Pan-at-lee appeared over the threshold of the recess.

"You live?" she cried.

"Yes," replied Tarzan. "Where is the shaggy one?"

Pan-at-lee pointed downward. "There," she said, "dead."

"Good!" exclaimed the ape-man, clambering to her side. "You are
unharmed?" he asked.

"You came just in time," replied Pan-at-lee; "but who are you and how
did you know that I was here and what do you know of Om-at and where
did you come from and what did you mean by calling Om-at, gund?"

"Wait, wait," cried Tarzan; "one at a time. My, but you are all
alike--the shes of the tribe of Kerchak, the ladies of England, and
their sisters of Pal-ul-don. Have patience and I will try to tell you
all that you wish to know. Four of us set out with Om-at from Kor-ul-JA
to search for you. We were attacked by the Kor-ul-lul and separated. I
was taken prisoner, but escaped. Again I stumbled upon your trail and
followed it, reaching the summit of this cliff just as the hairy one
was climbing up after you. I was coming to investigate when I heard
your scream--the rest you know."

"But you called Om-at, gund of Kor-ul-JA," she insisted. "Es-sat is

"Es-sat is dead," explained the ape-man. "Om-at slew him and now Om-at
is gund. Om-at came back seeking you. He found Es-sat in your cave and
killed him."

"Yes," said the girl, "Es-sat came to my cave and I struck him down
with my golden breastplates and escaped."

"And a lion pursued you," continued Tarzan, "and you leaped from the
cliff into Kor-ul-lul, but why you were not killed is beyond me."

"Is there anything beyond you?" exclaimed Pan-at-lee. "How could you
know that

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