Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 50

part. The battle seemed to be going against him for the
giant beast against which he strove would have been a fair match in
weight and strength for Bolgani, the gorilla. And knowing this he
suddenly exerted a single super-human effort, thrust far apart the
giant hands and with the swiftness of a striking snake buried his fangs
in the jugular of the Tor-o-don. At the same instant the creature's
tail coiled about his own throat and then commenced a battle royal of
turning and twisting bodies as each sought to dislodge the fatal hold
of the other, but the acts of the ape-man were guided by a human brain
and thus it was that the rolling bodies rolled in the direction that
Tarzan wished--toward the edge of the recess.

The choking tail had shut the air from his lungs, he knew that his
gasping lips were parted and his tongue protruding; and now his brain
reeled and his sight grew dim; but not before he reached his goal and a
quick hand shot out to seize the knife that now lay within reach as the
two bodies tottered perilously upon the brink of the chasm.

With all his remaining strength the ape-man drove home the blade--once,
twice, thrice, and then all went black before him as he felt himself,
still in the clutches of the Tor-o-don, topple from the recess.

Fortunate it was for Tarzan that Pan-at-lee had not obeyed his
injunction to make good her escape while he engaged the Tor-o-don, for
it was to this fact that he owed his life. Close beside the struggling
forms during the brief moments of the terrific climax she had realized
every detail of the danger to Tarzan with which the emergency was
fraught and as she saw the two rolling over the outer edge of the niche
she seized the ape-man by an ankle at the same time throwing herself
prone upon the rocky floor. The muscles of the Tor-o-don relaxed in
death with the last thrust of Tarzan's knife and with its hold upon the
ape-man released it shot from sight into the gorge below.

It was with infinite difficulty that Pan-at-lee retained her hold upon
the ankle of her protector, but she did so and then, slowly, she sought
to drag the dead weight back to the safety of the niche. This, however,
was beyond her strength and she could but hold on tightly, hoping that
some plan would suggest itself before her powers of endurance failed.
She wondered if, after all, the creature was already dead, but that she
could not bring

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