Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 47

its form more clearly, with the result that he
became convinced that it more nearly resembled some form of great ape
than a lower order. It had a tail, though, and in other respects it did
not seem a true ape.

Slowly it ascended to the upper tier of caves, into one of which it
disappeared. Then Tarzan took up again the trail of Pan-at-lee. He
followed it down the stone pegs to the nearest cave and then further
along the upper tier. The ape-man raised his eyebrows when he saw the
direction in which it led, and quickened his pace. He had almost
reached the third cave when the echoes of Kor-ul-GRYF were awakened by
a shrill scream of terror.

[1] I have used the Pal-ul-don word for gorge with the English plural,
which is not the correct native plural form. The latter, it seems to
me, is awkward for us and so I have generally ignored it throughout my
manuscript, permitting, for example, Kor-ul-JA to answer for both
singular and plural. However, for the benefit of those who may be
interested in such things I may say that the plurals are formed simply
for all words in the Pal-ul-don language by doubling the initial letter
of the word, as k'kor, gorges, pronounced as though written kakor, the
a having the sound of a in sofa. Lions, d' don.


The Tor-o-don

Pan-at-lee slept--the troubled sleep, of physical and nervous
exhaustion, filled with weird dreamings. She dreamed that she slept
beneath a great tree in the bottom of the Kor-ul-GRYF and that one of
the fearsome beasts was creeping upon her but she could not open her
eyes nor move. She tried to scream but no sound issued from her lips.
She felt the thing touch her throat, her breast, her arm, and there it
closed and seemed to be dragging her toward it. With a super-human
effort of will she opened her eyes. In the instant she knew that she
was dreaming and that quickly the hallucination of the dream would
fade--it had happened to her many times before. But it persisted. In
the dim light that filtered into the dark chamber she saw a form beside
her, she felt hairy fingers upon her and a hairy breast against which
she was being drawn. Jad-ben-Otho! this was no dream. And then she
screamed and tried to fight the thing from her; but her scream was
answered by a low growl and another hairy hand seized her by the hair
of the head. The beast rose now upon its hind legs and dragged her from
the cave

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