Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 31

Tarzan and the Ho-don. "And you, my friends," he said,
"are free to go among my people; the cave of my ancestors is yours, do
what you will."

"I," said Tarzan, "will go with Om-at to search for Pan-at-lee."

"And I," said Ta-den.

Om-at smiled. "Good!" he exclaimed. "And when we have found her we
shall go together upon Tarzan's business and Ta-den's. Where first
shall we search?" He turned toward his warriors. "Who knows where she
may be?"

None knew other than that Pan-at-lee had gone to her cave with the
others the previous evening--there was no clew, no suggestion as to her

"Show me where she sleeps," said Tarzan; "let me see something that
belongs to her--an article of her apparel--then, doubtless, I can help

Two young warriors climbed closer to the ledge upon which Om-at stood.
They were In-sad and O-dan. It was the latter who spoke.

"Gund of Kor-ul-JA," he said, "we would go with you to search for

It was the first acknowledgment of Om-at's chieftainship and
immediately following it the tenseness that had prevailed seemed to
relax--the warriors spoke aloud instead of in whispers, and the women
appeared from the mouths of caves as with the passing of a sudden
storm. In-sad and O-dan had taken the lead and now all seemed glad to
follow. Some came to talk with Om-at and to look more closely at
Tarzan; others, heads of caves, gathered their hunters and discussed
the business of the day. The women and children prepared to descend to
the fields with the youths and the old men, whose duty it was to guard

"O-dan and In-sad shall go with us," announced Om-at, "we shall not
need more. Tarzan, come with me and I shall show you where Pan-at-lee
sleeps, though why you should wish to know I cannot guess--she is not
there. I have looked for myself."

The two entered the cave where Om-at led the way to the apartment in
which Es-sat had surprised Pan-at-lee the previous night.

"All here are hers," said Om-at, "except the war club lying on the
floor--that was Es-sat's."

The ape-man moved silently about the apartment, the quivering of his
sensitive nostrils scarcely apparent to his companion who only wondered
what good purpose could be served here and chafed at the delay.

"Come!" said the ape-man, presently, and led the way toward the outer

Here their three companions were awaiting them. Tarzan passed to the
left side of the niche and examined the pegs that lay within reach. He
looked at them but it was not his eyes that were examining them. Keener
than his keen

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