Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 220


Waz. Black.
Waz-don. The hairy black men of Pal-ul-don.
(black white men). A mixed race

Xot. One thousand.

Yo. Friend.

Za. Girl.

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Text Comparison with The Gods of Mars

Page 1
I had wondered if he had found his black-haired Princess and the slender son he had dreamed was with her in the royal gardens of Tardos Mors, awaiting his return.
Page 2
'I have come now because my affection for you prompted me to see you once more before you pass over for ever into that other life that I shall never know, and which though I have died thrice and shall die again to-night, as you know death, I am as unable to fathom as are you.
Page 3
Page 10
Swift as I was I was none too soon, for the green warrior had been overtaken ere he had made half the distance to the forest, and now he stood with his back to a boulder, while the herd, temporarily balked, hissed and screeched about him.
Page 15
But as.
Page 21
As far as the eye could reach gorgeous forest and crimson sward skirted a silent sea, and about all towered the brilliant monster guardian cliffs.
Page 25
"But about yourself, John Carter," he cried at last.
Page 50
The golden-haired, white-skinned therns battling with desperate courage in hand-to-hand conflict with their ebony-skinned foemen.
Page 66
Each was occupied with his own thoughts.
Page 67
" It was my turn to flush, but I did not.
Page 76
By an electrical device the volume of magnetism generated is regulated and the speed of the car varied.
Page 78
Once without the chamber the doors closed behind us and I was bid to rise.
Page 82
"What now?" he cried.
Page 86
'" "What do you mean?" he whispered in an affrighted voice, so low that I could scarcely hear him.
Page 117
"She is dropping badly by the head, John Carter," he said.
Page 120
When they have seen my metal it will be to the death.
Page 122
In either event, it was evident that something was afoot which might have a bearing on the recent capture of Tars Tarkas.
Page 136
" "That I knew, my Prince," he replied, "ere ever I threw my beloved blade at thy feet.
Page 147
It will turn brother against brother and father against son.
Page 178
"Haste!" he cried.