Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 218

Like or similar.
Od. Ninety.
O-dan. Kor-ul-JA warrior accompanying Tarzan, Om-at,
and Ta-den in search of Pan-at-lee.
Og. Sixty.
(like-star-light). Ko-tan's daughter
Om. Long.
Om-at (long tail). A black.
On. Ten.
Otho. God.

Pal. Place; land; country.
(place where men eat). Banquet hall.
(land of man). Name of the country.
Pal-ul-JA. Place of lions.
Pan. Soft.
Pan-at-lee. Om-at's sweetheart.
Pan-sat (soft skin). A priest.
Pastar. Father.
Pastar-ul-ved. Father of Mountains.
Pele. Valley.

Ro. Flower.


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