Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 217

Saber-tooth hybrid.

Ko. Mighty.
Kor. Gorge.
Kor-ul-GRYF. Gorge of the GRYF.
Kor-ul-JA. Name of Es-sat's gorge and tribe.
Kor-ul-lul. Name of another Waz-don gorge and tribe.
Ko-tan. King of the Ho-don.

Lav. Run or running.
Lee. Doe.
Lo. Star.
Lot. Face.
Lu. Fierce.
Lu-don (fierce man). High priest of A-lur.
Lul. Water.
Lur. City.

Ma. Child.
Mo. Short.
Mo-sar (short nose). Chief and pretender.
Mu. Strong.

No. Brook.


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