Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 216

Ho. White.
Ho-don. The hairless white men of Pal-ul-don.

Id. Silver.
Id-an. One of Pan-at-lee's two brothers.
In. Dark.
In-sad. Kor-ul-JA warrior accompanying Tarzan, Om-at,
and Ta-den in search of Pan-at-lee.
In-tan. Kor-ul-lul left to guard Tarzan

Ja. Lion.
Jad. The
Jad-bal-lul. The golden lake.
Jad-ben-lul. The big lake.
Jad-ben-Otho. The Great God.
Jad-guru-don. The terrible man.
Jad-in-lul. The dark lake.
Ja-don (the lion-man). Chief of a Ho-don village and father of Ta-den.
Jad Pele ul
Jad-ben-Otho. The valley of the Great God.
Ja-lur (lion city). Ja-don's capital.
Jar. Strange.
Jar-don. Name given Korak by Om-at.

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