Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 214

Enen. Two.
Es. Rough.
Es-sat (rough skin). Chief of Om-at's tribe of hairy blacks.
Et. Eighty.

Fur. Thirty.

Ged. Forty.
Go. Clear.
Gryf. "Triceratops. A genus of huge
herbivorous dinosaurs of the group
Ceratopsia. The skull had two large
horns above the eyes, a median
horn on the nose, a horny beak, and a
great bony hood or transverse crest over
the neck. Their toes, five in front and
three behind, were provided with hoofs,

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The details of this gory contest, while interesting, have no particular bearing upon the development of this tale.
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He didn't have anything pleasant to say to me.
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So-long," and he was gone as noiselessly as he had come.
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His eyes opened a little wider than normal.
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"Just wait, and I'll have Barry bring the roadster around.
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He had been unable to bring himself to the point of writing his father an admission of his failure, and in fact he had gone so far, and in his estimation had sunk so low, that he had definitely determined he would rather starve to death now than admit his utter inefficiency to those whose respect he most valued.
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" The Lizard's grin broadened.
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All I can do is wait on table, while they have two accomplishments.
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a notch in the social scale or down a notch? From the view-point of the underworld a pug occupies a more exalted position than a waiter; but-- oh, well, a job's a job, and at least I won't have to look at that greasy Feinheimer all day.
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I saw him looking up at us just after that other person knocked him down and I could have sworn that he blushed.
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" "Have you?" asked Elizabeth.
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" "I wish you would let me, Jimmy," she said.
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Later I shall start reducing costs by studying machines, handling material economically and producing power at lowest cost; keeping the product moving, making environment count on the balance-sheet and protecting against accident and fire.
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Compton wishes to experiment I will interfere in no way and I shall help you all I can, but I sincerely hope that you, on your part, will refrain from interfering with my activities.
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the room before Jimmy had discovered whether the girl intended to expose him or not.
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" Jimmy was silent for some time.
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I didn't do this, O'Donnell," he continued.
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