Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 212

story. For the benefit of those who may care to delve into the
derivation of the proper names used in the text, and thus obtain some
slight insight into the language of the race, there is appended an
incomplete glossary taken from some of Lord Greystoke's notes.

A point of particular interest hinges upon the fact that the names of
all male hairless pithecanthropi begin with a consonant, have an even
number of syllables, and end with a consonant, while the names of the
females of the same species begin with a vowel, have an odd number of
syllables, and end with a vowel. On the contrary, the names of the male
hairy black pithecanthropi while having an even number of syllables
begin with a vowel and end with a consonant; while the females of this
species have an odd number of syllables in their names which begin
always with a consonant and end with a vowel.

A. Light.
ab. Boy.
Ab-on. Acting gund of Kor-ul-JA.
Ad. Three.
Adad. Six.
Adadad. Nine.
Adaden. Seven.
Aden. Four.
Adenaden. Eight.
Adenen. Five.
A-lur. City of light.
An. Spear.

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Text Comparison with Jungle Tales of Tarzan

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Once when he came close, Teeka bared her fangs and growled at him, and Tarzan showed his canines in an ugly snarl; but Taug did not provoke a quarrel.
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Tarzan himself knew a certain awe of fire.