Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 208

lest Jad-ben-Otho's messenger send forth still other bolts of

The warriors and the people had now witnessed such an exhibition of
divine power as might have convinced an even less superstitious and
more enlightened people, and since many of them had but lately wavered
between the Jad-ben-Otho of Lu-don and the Dor-ul-Otho of Ja-don it was
not difficult for them to swing quickly back to the latter, especially
in view of the unanswerable argument in the hands of him whom Ta-den
had described as the Messenger of the Great God.

And so the warriors sprang forward now with alacrity and surrounded the
priests, and when they looked again at the western wall of the temple
court they saw pouring over it a great force of warriors. And the thing
that startled and appalled them was the fact that many of these were
black and hairy Waz-don.

At their head came the stranger with the shiny weapon and on his right
was Ta-den, the Ho-don, and on his left Om-at, the black gund of

A warrior near the altar had seized the sacrificial knife and cut
Tarzan's bonds and also those of Ja-don and Jane Clayton, and now the
three stood together beside the altar and as the newcomers from the
western end of the temple court pushed their way toward them the eyes
of the woman went wide in mingled astonishment, incredulity, and hope.
And the stranger, slinging his weapon across his back by a leather
strap, rushed forward and took her in his arms.

"Jack!" she cried, sobbing on his shoulder. "Jack, my son!"

And Tarzan of the Apes came then and put his arms around them both, and
the King of Pal-ul-don and the warriors and the people kneeled in the
temple court and placed their foreheads to the ground before the altar
where the three stood.



Within an hour of the fall of Lu-don and Mo-sar, the chiefs and
principal warriors of Pal-ul-don gathered in the great throneroom of
the palace at A-lur upon the steps of the lofty pyramid and placing
Ja-don at the apex proclaimed him king. Upon one side of the old
chieftain stood Tarzan of the Apes, and upon the other Korak, the
Killer, worthy son of the mighty ape-man.

And when the brief ceremony was over and the warriors with upraised
clubs had sworn fealty to their new ruler, Ja-don dispatched a trusted
company to fetch O-lo-a and Pan-at-lee and the women of his own
household from Ja-lur.

And then the warriors discussed the future of Pal-ul-don and the
question arose as to the administration of the temples and the

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