Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 200

assumed that Tarzan and his
party had struck their initial blow and so he launched his attack upon
the palace gate. To the ears of Lu-don in the inner temple court came
the savage war cries that announced the beginning of the battle.
Leaving Pan-sat and the other priest to guard the woman he hastened
toward the palace personally to direct his force and as he passed
through the temple grounds he dispatched a messenger to learn the
outcome of the fight in the corridors below, and other messengers to
spread the news among his followers that the false Dor-ul-Otho was a
prisoner in the temple.

As the din of battle rose above A-lur, Lieutenant Erich Obergatz turned
upon his bed of soft hides and sat up. He rubbed his eyes and looked
about him. It was still dark without.

"I am Jad-ben-Otho," he cried, "who dares disturb my slumber?"

A slave squatting upon the floor at the foot of his couch shuddered and
touched her forehead to the floor. "It must be that the enemy have
come, O Jad-ben-Otho." She spoke soothingly for she had reason to know
the terrors of the mad frenzy into which trivial things sometimes threw
the Great God.

A priest burst suddenly through the hangings of the doorway and falling
upon his hands and knees rubbed his forehead against the stone
flagging. "O Jad-ben-Otho," he cried, "the warriors of Ja-don have
attacked the palace and the temple. Even now they are fighting in the
corridors near the quarters of Lu-don, and the high priest begs that
you come to the palace and encourage your faithful warriors by your

Obergatz sprang to his feet. "I am Jad-ben-Otho," he screamed. "With
lightning I will blast the blasphemers who dare attack the holy city of

For a moment he rushed aimlessly and madly about the room, while the
priest and the slave remained upon hands and knees with their foreheads
against the floor.

"Come," cried Obergatz, planting a vicious kick in the side of the
slave girl. "Come! Would you wait here all day while the forces of
darkness overwhelm the City of Light?"

Thoroughly frightened as were all those who were forced to serve the
Great God, the two arose and followed Obergatz towards the palace.

Above the shouting of the warriors rose constantly the cries of the
temple priests: "Jad-ben-Otho is here and the false Dor-ul-Otho is a
prisoner in the temple." The persistent cries reached even to the ears
of the enemy as it was intended that they should.


The Messenger of Death

The sun rose to see the forces of Ja-don still held

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