Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 194

also and shortly after that the other.

In the corridor they found the warrior waiting, and led him to a little
chamber which opened upon a smaller corridor just beyond where it
joined the larger. Here the three remained in whispered conversation
for some little time and then the warrior returned to the palace and
the two priests to their quarters.

The apartments of the women of the palace at Ja-lur are all upon the
same side of a long, straight corridor. Each has a single door leading
into the corridor and at the opposite end several windows overlooking a
garden. It was in one of these rooms that Jane slept alone. At each end
of the corridor was a sentinel, the main body of the guard being
stationed in a room near the outer entrance to the women's quarters.

The palace slept for they kept early hours there where Ja-don ruled.
The pal-e-don-so of the great chieftain of the north knew no such wild
orgies as had resounded through the palace of the king at A-lur. Ja-lur
was a quiet city by comparison with the capital, yet there was always a
guard kept at every entrance to the chambers of Ja-don and his
immediate family as well as at the gate leading into the temple and
that which opened upon the city.

These guards, however, were small, consisting usually of not more than
five or six warriors, one of whom remained awake while the others
slept. Such were the conditions then when two warriors presented
themselves, one at either end of the corridor, to the sentries who
watched over the safety of Jane Clayton and the Princess O-lo-a, and
each of the newcomers repeated to the sentinels the stereotyped words
which announced that they were relieved and these others sent to watch
in their stead. Never is a warrior loath to be relieved of sentry duty.
Where, under different circumstances he might ask numerous questions he
is now too well satisfied to escape the monotonies of that universally
hated duty. And so these two men accepted their relief without question
and hastened away to their pallets.

And then a third warrior entered the corridor and all of the newcomers
came together before the door of the ape-man's slumbering mate. And one
was the strange warrior who had met Ja-don and Tarzan outside the city
of Ja-lur as they had approached it the previous day; and he was the
same warrior who had entered the temple a short hour before, but the
faces of his fellows were unfamiliar, even to one another, since it is
seldom that

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