Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 192

done, Tarzan driving
him in after Jane had dismounted. More meat was thrown to him and he
was left to his own devices, the awe-struck inhabitants of the palace
not even venturing to climb upon the walls to look at him.

Ja-don led Tarzan and Jane to the quarters of the Princess O-lo-a who,
the moment that she beheld the ape-man, threw herself to the ground and
touched her forehead to his feet. Pan-at-lee was there with her and she
too seemed happy to see Tarzan-jad-guru again. When they found that
Jane was his mate they looked with almost equal awe upon her, since
even the most skeptical of the warriors of Ja-don were now convinced
that they were entertaining a god and a goddess within the city of
Ja-lur, and that with the assistance of the power of these two, the
cause of Ja-don would soon be victorious and the old Lion-man set upon
the throne of Pal-ul-don.

From O-lo-a Tarzan learned that Ta-den had returned and that they were
to be united in marriage with the weird rites of their religion and in
accordance with the custom of their people as soon as Ta-den came home
from the battle that was to be fought at A-lur.

The recruits were now gathering at the city and it was decided that the
next day Ja-don and Tarzan would return to the main body in the hidden
camp and immediately under cover of night the attack should be made in
force upon Lu-don's forces at A-lur. Word of this was sent to Ta-den
where he awaited with his warriors upon the north side of Jad-ben-lul,
only a few miles from A-lur.

In the carrying out of these plans it was necessary to leave Jane
behind in Ja-don's palace at Ja-lur, but O-lo-a and her women were with
her and there were many warriors to guard them, so Tarzan bid his mate
good-bye with no feelings of apprehension as to her safety, and again
seated upon the GRYF made his way out of the city with Ja-don and his

At the mouth of the gorge the ape-man abandoned his huge mount since it
had served its purpose and could be of no further value to him in their
attack upon A-lur, which was to be made just before dawn the following
day when, as he could not have been seen by the enemy, the effect of
his entry to the city upon the GRYF would have been totally lost. A
couple of sharp blows with the spear sent the big animal rumbling and
growling in the direction

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