Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 190

beneath these trees that Tarzan finally stopped the GRYF. Ja-don
called down to him.

"We are friends," he cried. "I am Ja-don, Chief of Ja-lur. I and my
warriors lay our foreheads upon the feet of Dor-ul-Otho and pray that
he will aid us in our righteous fight with Lu-don, the high priest."

"You have not defeated him yet?" asked Tarzan. "Why I thought you would
be king of Pal-ul-don long before this."

"No," replied Ja-don. "The people fear the high priest and now that he
has in the temple one whom he claims to be Jad-ben-Otho many of my
warriors are afraid. If they but knew that the Dor-ul-Otho had returned
and that he had blessed the cause of Ja-don I am sure that victory
would be ours."

Tarzan thought for a long minute and then he spoke. "Ja-don," he said,
"was one of the few who believed in me and who wished to accord me fair
treatment. I have a debt to pay to Ja-don and an account to settle with
Lu-don, not alone on my own behalf, but principally upon that of my
mate. I will go with you Ja-don to mete to Lu-don the punishment he
deserves. Tell me, chief, how may the Dor-ul-Otho best serve his
father's people?"

"By coming with me to Ja-lur and the villages between," replied Ja-don
quickly, "that the people may see that it is indeed the Dor-ul-Otho and
that he smiles upon the cause of Ja-don."

"You think that they will believe in me more now than before?" asked
the ape-man.

"Who will dare doubt that he who rides upon the great GRYF is less than
a god?" returned the old chief.

"And if I go with you to the battle at A-lur," asked Tarzan, "can you
assure the safety of my mate while I am gone from her?"

"She shall remain in Ja-lur with the Princess O-lo-a and my own women,"
replied Ja-don. "There she will be safe for there I shall leave trusted
warriors to protect them. Say that you will come, O Dor-ul-Otho, and my
cup of happiness will be full, for even now Ta-den, my son, marches
toward A-lur with a force from the northwest and if we can attack, with
the Dor-ul-Otho at our head, from the northeast our arms should be

"It shall be as you wish, Ja-don," replied the ape-man; "but first you
must have meat fetched for my GRYF."

"There are many carcasses in the camp above," replied Ja-don, "for my
men have little else to do than hunt."

"Good," exclaimed Tarzan. "Have them brought at once."

And when the meat

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