Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 189

strange tales were
already circulating relative to the coming of Jad-ben-Otho in person to
aid the high priest in his war against Ja-don. It took stout hearts and
loyal ones to ignore the implied threats of divine vengeance that these
tales suggested. Already there had been desertions and the cause of
Ja-don seemed tottering to destruction.

Such was the state of affairs when a sentry posted on the knoll in the
mouth of the gorge sent word that he had observed in the valley below
what appeared at a distance to be nothing less than two people mounted
upon the back of a GRYF. He said that he had caught glimpses of them,
as they passed open spaces, and they seemed to be traveling up the
river in the direction of the Kor-ul-JA.

At first Ja-don was inclined to doubt the veracity of his informant;
but, like all good generals, he could not permit even palpably false
information to go uninvestigated and so he determined to visit the
knoll himself and learn precisely what it was that the sentry had
observed through the distorting spectacles of fear. He had scarce taken
his place beside the man ere the fellow touched his arm and pointed.
"They are closer now," he whispered, "you can see them plainly." And
sure enough, not a quarter of a mile away Ja-don saw that which in his
long experience in Pal-ul-don he had never before seen--two humans
riding upon the broad back of a GRYF.

At first he could scarce credit even this testimony of his own eyes,
but soon he realized that the creatures below could be naught else than
they appeared, and then he recognized the man and rose to his feet with
a loud cry.

"It is he!" he shouted to those about him. "It is the Dor-ul-Otho

The GRYF and his riders heard the shout though not the words. The
former bellowed terrifically and started in the direction of the knoll,
and Ja-don, followed by a few of his more intrepid warriors, ran to
meet him. Tarzan, loath to enter an unnecessary quarrel, tried to turn
the animal, but as the beast was far from tractable it always took a
few minutes to force the will of its master upon it; and so the two
parties were quite close before the ape-man succeeded in stopping the
mad charge of his furious mount.

Ja-don and his warriors, however, had come to the realization that this
bellowing creature was bearing down upon them with evil intent and they
had assumed the better part of valor and taken to trees, accordingly.
It was

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