Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 186

Ho-don and
Waz-don, for in this area lay the neutral territory that was
uninhabited by either. Thus he would travel northwest until opposite
the Kor-ul-JA where he planned to stop to pay his respects to Om-at and
give the gund word of Pan-at-lee, and a plan Tarzan had for insuring
her safe return to her people. It was upon the third day of their
journey and they had almost reached the river that passes through A-lur
when Jane suddenly clutched Tarzan's arm and pointed ahead toward the
edge of a forest that they were approaching. Beneath the shadows of the
trees loomed a great bulk that the ape-man instantly recognized.

"What is it?" whispered Jane.

"A GRYF," replied the ape-man, "and we have met him in the worst place
that we could possibly have found. There is not a large tree within a
quarter of a mile, other than those among which he stands. Come, we
shall have to go back, Jane; I cannot risk it with you along. The best
we can do is to pray that he does not discover us."

"And if he does?"

"Then I shall have to risk it."

"Risk what?"

"The chance that I can subdue him as I subdued one of his fellows,"
replied Tarzan. "I told you--you recall?"

"Yes, but I did not picture so huge a creature. Why, John, he is as big
as a battleship."

The ape-man laughed. "Not quite, though I'll admit he looks quite as
formidable as one when he charges."

They were moving away slowly so as not to attract the attention of the

"I believe we're going to make it," whispered the woman, her voice
tense with suppressed excitement. A low rumble rolled like distant
thunder from the wood. Tarzan shook his head.

"'The big show is about to commence in the main tent,'" he quoted,
grinning. He caught the woman suddenly to his breast and kissed her.
"One can never tell, Jane," he said. "We'll do our best--that is all we
can do. Give me your spear, and--don't run. The only hope we have lies
in that little brain more than in us. If I can control it--well, let
us see."

The beast had emerged from the forest and was looking about through his
weak eyes, evidently in search of them. Tarzan raised his voice in the
weird notes of the Tor-o-don's cry, "Whee-oo! Whee-oo! Whee-oo!" For a
moment the great beast stood motionless, his attention riveted by the
call. The ape-man advanced straight toward him, Jane Clayton at his
elbow. "Whee-oo!" he cried again peremptorily. A low rumble rolled
from the GRYF's

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