Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 185

the sacrifices that
were offered up to him there each day at sunset. So much did the
cruel, half-crazed mind enjoy these spectacles that at times he even
insisted upon wielding the sacrificial knife himself and upon such
occasions the priests and the people fell upon their faces in awe of
the dread deity.

If Obergatz taught them not to love their god more he taught them to
fear him as they never had before, so that the name of Jad-ben-Otho was
whispered in the city and little children were frightened into
obedience by the mere mention of it. Lu-don, through his priests and
slaves, circulated the information that Jad-ben-Otho had commanded all
his faithful followers to flock to the standard of the high priest at
A-lur and that all others were cursed, especially Ja-don and the base
impostor who had posed as the Dor-ul-Otho. The curse was to take the
form of early death following terrible suffering, and Lu-don caused it
to be published abroad that the name of any warrior who complained of a
pain should be brought to him, for such might be deemed to be under
suspicion, since the first effects of the curse would result in slight
pains attacking the unholy. He counseled those who felt pains to look
carefully to their loyalty. The result was remarkable and
immediate--half a nation without a pain, and recruits pouring into
A-lur to offer their services to Lu-don while secretly hoping that the
little pains they had felt in arm or leg or belly would not recur in
aggravated form.


A Journey on a Gryf

Tarzan and Jane skirted the shore of Jad-bal-lul and crossed the river
at the head of the lake. They moved in leisurely fashion with an eye to
comfort and safety, for the ape-man, now that he had found his mate,
was determined to court no chance that might again separate them, or
delay or prevent their escape from Pal-ul-don. How they were to recross
the morass was a matter of little concern to him as yet--it would be
time enough to consider that matter when it became of more immediate
moment. Their hours were filled with the happiness and content of
reunion after long separation; they had much to talk of, for each had
passed through many trials and vicissitudes and strange adventures, and
no important hour might go unaccounted for since last they met.

It was Tarzan's intention to choose a way above A-lur and the scattered
Ho-don villages below it, passing about midway between them and the
mountains, thus avoiding, in so far as possible, both the

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