Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 184

shall know him."

And so Lieutenant Erich Obergatz was brought before the high priest at
A-lur. Lu-don looked closely at the naked man with the fantastic

"Where did you come from?" he asked.

"I am Jad-ben-Otho," cried the German. "I came from heaven. Where is my
high priest?"

"I am the high priest," replied Lu-don.

Obergatz clapped his hands. "Have my feet bathed and food brought to
me," he commanded.

Lu-don's eyes narrowed to mere slits of crafty cunning. He bowed low
until his forehead touched the feet of the stranger. Before the eyes of
many priests, and warriors from the palace he did it.

"Ho, slaves," he cried, rising; "fetch water and food for the Great
God," and thus the high priest acknowledged before his people the
godhood of Lieutenant Erich Obergatz, nor was it long before the story
ran like wildfire through the palace and out into the city and beyond
that to the lesser villages all the way from A-lur to Tu-lur.

The real god had come--Jad-ben-Otho himself, and he had espoused the
cause of Lu-don, the high priest. Mo-sar lost no time in placing
himself at the disposal of Lu-don, nor did he mention aught about his
claims to the throne. It was Mo-sar's opinion that he might consider
himself fortunate were he allowed to remain in peaceful occupation of
his chieftainship at Tu-lur, nor was Mo-sar wrong in his deductions.

But Lu-don could still use him and so he let him live and sent word to
him to come to A-lur with all his warriors, for it was rumored that
Ja-don was raising a great army in the north and might soon march upon
the City of Light.

Obergatz thoroughly enjoyed being a god. Plenty of food and peace of
mind and rest partially brought back to him the reason that had been so
rapidly slipping from him; but in one respect he was madder than ever,
since now no power on earth would ever be able to convince him that he
was not a god. Slaves were put at his disposal and these he ordered
about in godly fashion. The same portion of his naturally cruel mind
met upon common ground the mind of Lu-don, so that the two seemed
always in accord. The high priest saw in the stranger a mighty force
wherewith to hold forever his power over all Pal-ul-don and thus the
future of Obergatz was assured so long as he cared to play god to
Lu-don's high priest.

A throne was erected in the main temple court before the eastern altar
where Jad-ben-Otho might sit in person and behold

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