Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 169

and neatly contrived that
escape seemed impossible. Yet within a few minutes of his incarceration
Tarzan had commenced to undertake his escape. The old knife in his
pouch was brought into requisition and slowly the ape-man began to
scrape and chip away the stone from about the bars of one of the
windows. It was slow work but Tarzan had the patience of absolute

Each day food and water were brought him and slipped quickly beneath
the smaller door which was raised just sufficiently to allow the stone
receptacles to pass in. The prisoner began to believe that he was being
preserved for something beside lions. However that was immaterial. If
they would but hold off for a few more days they might select what fate
they would--he would not be there when they arrived to announce it.

And then one day came Pan-sat, Lu-don's chief tool, to the city of
Tu-lur. He came ostensibly with a fair message for Mo-sar from the high
priest at A-lur. Lu-don had decided that Mo-sar should be king and he
invited Mo-sar to come at once to A-lur and then Pan-sat, having
delivered the message, asked that he might go to the temple of Tu-lur
and pray, and there he sought the high priest of Tu-lur to whom was the
true message that Lu-don had sent. The two were closeted alone in a
little chamber and Pan-sat whispered into the ear of the high priest.

"Mo-sar wishes to be king," he said, "and Lu-don wishes to be king.
Mo-sar wishes to retain the stranger who claims to be the Dor-ul-Otho
and Lu-don wishes to kill him, and now," he leaned even closer to the
ear of the high priest of Tu-lur, "if you would be high priest at A-lur
it is within your power."

Pan-sat ceased speaking and waited for the other's reply. The high
priest was visibly affected. To be high priest at A-lur! That was
almost as good as being king of all Pal-ul-don, for great were the
powers of him who conducted the sacrifices upon the altars of A-lur.

"How?" whispered the high priest. "How may I become high priest at

Again Pan-sat leaned close: "By killing the one and bringing the other
to A-lur," replied he. Then he rose and departed knowing that the other
had swallowed the bait and could be depended upon to do whatever was
required to win him the great prize.

Nor was Pan-sat mistaken other than in one trivial consideration. This
high priest would indeed commit murder and treason to attain the high
office at A-lur; but he

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