Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 167

on by the
priesthood, to circulate throughout the palace pernicious propaganda
aimed at Ja-don's cause.

The result was that Lu-don's power increased while that of Ja-don
waned. Then followed a sortie from the temple which resulted in the
defeat of the palace forces, and though they were able to withdraw in
decent order withdraw they did, leaving the palace to Lu-don, who was
now virtually ruler of Pal-ul-don.

Ja-don, taking with him the princess, her women, and their slaves,
including Pan-at-lee, as well as the women and children of his faithful
followers, retreated not only from the palace but from the city of
A-lur as well and fell back upon his own city of Ja-lur. Here he
remained, recruiting his forces from the surrounding villages of the
north which, being far removed from the influence of the priesthood of
A-lur, were enthusiastic partisans in any cause that the old chieftain
espoused, since for years he had been revered as their friend and

And while these events were transpiring in the north, Tarzan-jad-guru
lay in the lion pit at Tu-lur while messengers passed back and forth
between Mo-sar and Lu-don as the two dickered for the throne of
Pal-ul-don. Mo-sar was cunning enough to guess that should an open
breach occur between himself and the high priest he might use his
prisoner to his own advantage, for he had heard whisperings among even
his own people that suggested that there were those who were more than
a trifle inclined to belief in the divinity of the stranger and that he
might indeed be the Dor-ul-Otho. Lu-don wanted Tarzan himself. He
wanted to sacrifice him upon the eastern altar with his own hands
before a multitude of people, since he was not without evidence that
his own standing and authority had been lessened by the claims of the
bold and heroic figure of the stranger.

The method that the high priest of Tu-lur had employed to trap Tarzan
had left the ape-man in possession of his weapons though there seemed
little likelihood of their being of any service to him. He also had his
pouch, in which were the various odds and ends which are the natural
accumulation of all receptacles from a gold meshbag to an attic. There
were bits of obsidian and choice feathers for arrows, some pieces of
flint and a couple of steel, an old knife, a heavy bone needle, and
strips of dried gut. Nothing very useful to you or me, perhaps; but
nothing useless to the savage life of the ape-man.

When Tarzan realized the trick that had been so neatly played upon

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