Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 165

the hideous laughter.

The woman had wrapped the pieces of the buck in the hide and this she
now raised and threw across her shoulder. In her other hand she held
her spear and faced the German.

"Go!" she commanded. "We have wasted enough words. This is my country
and I shall defend it. If I see you about again I shall kill you. Do
you understand?"

An expression of rage contorted Obergatz' features. He raised his club
and started toward her.

"Stop!" she commanded, throwing her spear-hand backward for a cast.
"You saw me kill this buck and you have said truthfully that no one
will ever know what we do here. Put these two facts together, German,
and draw your own conclusions before you take another step in my

The man halted and his club-hand dropped to his side. "Come," he begged
in what he intended as a conciliatory tone. "Let us be friends, Lady
Greystoke. We can be of great assistance to each other and I promise
not to harm you."

"Remember Liege and Louvain," she reminded him with a sneer. "I am
going now--be sure that you do not follow me. As far as you can walk in
a day from this spot in any direction you may consider the limits of my
domain. If ever again I see you within these limits I shall kill you."

There could be no question that she meant what she said and the man
seemed convinced for he but stood sullenly eyeing her as she backed
from sight beyond a turn in the game trail that crossed the ford where
they had met, and disappeared in the forest.


Silently in the Night

In A-lur the fortunes of the city had been tossed from hand to hand.
The party of Ko-tan's loyal warriors that Tarzan had led to the
rendezvous at the entrance to the secret passage below the palace gates
had met with disaster. Their first rush had been met with soft words
from the priests. They had been exhorted to defend the faith of their
fathers from blasphemers. Ja-don was painted to them as a defiler of
temples, and the wrath of Jad-ben-Otho was prophesied for those who
embraced his cause. The priests insisted that Lu-don's only wish was to
prevent the seizure of the throne by Ja-don until a new king could be
chosen according to the laws of the Ho-don.

The result was that many of the palace warriors joined their fellows of
the city, and when the priests saw that those whom they could influence
outnumbered those who remained loyal to the palace,

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