Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 156

those who bear the torches to extinguish them suddenly and
before the stranger was aware of what had happened, the stone gates
could be dropped, thus safely securing him."

"But there are windows in the pit that let in light," interposed the
high priest, "and even though the torches were extinguished he could
still see and might escape before the stone door could be lowered."

"Send one who will cover the windows tightly with hides," said the
priest from A-lur.

"The plan is a good one," said Mo-sar, seeing an opportunity for
entirely eliminating himself from any suspicion of complicity, "for it
will require the presence of no warriors, and thus with only priests
about him his mind will entertain no suspicion of harm."

They were interrupted at this point by a messenger from the palace who
brought word that the Dor-ul-Otho was becoming impatient and if the
priests from A-lur were not brought to him at once he would come
himself to the temple and get them. Mo-sar shook his head. He could not
conceive of such brazen courage in mortal breast and glad he was that
the plan evolved for Tarzan's undoing did not necessitate his active

And so, while Mo-sar left for a secret corner of the palace by a
roundabout way, three priests were dispatched to Tarzan and with
whining words that did not entirely deceive him, they acknowledged his
kinship to Jad-ben-Otho and begged him in the name of the high priest
to honor the temple with a visit, when the priests from A-lur would be
brought to him and would answer any questions that he put to them.

Confident that a continuation of his bravado would best serve his
purpose, and also that if suspicion against him should crystallize into
conviction on the part of Mo-sar and his followers that he would be no
worse off in the temple than in the palace, the ape-man haughtily
accepted the invitation of the high priest.

And so he came into the temple and was received in a manner befitting
his high claims. He questioned the two priests of A-lur from whom he
obtained only a repetition of the story that Mo-sar had told him, and
then the high priest invited him to inspect the temple.

They took him first to the altar court, of which there was only one in
Tu-lur. It was almost identical in every respect with those at A-lur.
There was a bloody altar at the east end and the drowning basin at the
west, and the grizzly fringes upon the headdresses of the priests
attested the fact that the

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