Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 147

through the forest searching for
food which she found in abundance. She ate and rested, for she had no
objective as yet. Her freedom was too new to be spoiled by plannings
for the future. The haunts of civilized man seemed to her now as vague
and unattainable as the half-forgotten substance of a dream. If she
could but live on here in peace, waiting, waiting for--HIM. It was the
old hope revived. She knew that he would come some day, if he lived.
She had always known that, though recently she had believed that he
would come too late. If he lived! Yes, he would come if he lived, and
if he did not live she were as well off here as elsewhere, for then
nothing mattered, only to wait for the end as patiently as might be.

Her wanderings brought her to a crystal brook and there she drank and
bathed beneath an overhanging tree that offered her quick asylum in the
event of danger. It was a quiet and beautiful spot and she loved it
from the first. The bottom of the brook was paved with pretty stones
and bits of glassy obsidian. As she gathered a handful of the pebbles
and held them up to look at them she noticed that one of her fingers
was bleeding from a clean, straight cut. She fell to searching for the
cause and presently discovered it in one of the fragments of volcanic
glass which revealed an edge that was almost razor-like. Jane Clayton
was elated. Here, God-given to her hands, was the first beginning with
which she might eventually arrive at both weapons and tools--a cutting
edge. Everything was possible to him who possessed it--nothing without.

She sought until she had collected many of the precious bits of
stone--until the pouch that hung at her right side was almost filled.
Then she climbed into the great tree to examine them at leisure. There
were some that looked like knife blades, and some that could easily be
fashioned into spear heads, and many smaller ones that nature seemed to
have intended for the tips of savage arrows.

The spear she would essay first--that would be easiest. There was a
hollow in the bole of the tree in a great crotch high above the ground.
Here she cached all of her treasure except a single knifelike sliver.
With this she descended to the ground and searching out a slender
sapling that grew arrow-straight she hacked and sawed until she could
break it off without splitting the wood. It was just the right diameter
for the

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