Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 145

into the valley to empty them into the main
river just below The Great Lake on whose northern shore lies A-lur. As
they had come down out of the mountains they had been surprised by a
party of Ho-don hunters. Obergatz had escaped while Jane had been
taken prisoner and brought to A-lur. She had neither seen nor heard
aught of the German since that time and she did not know whether he had
perished in this strange land, or succeeded in successfully eluding its
savage denizens and making his way at last into South Africa.

For her part, she had been incarcerated alternately in the palace and
the temple as either Ko-tan or Lu-don succeeded in wresting her
temporarily from the other by various strokes of cunning and intrigue.
And now at last she was in the power of a new captor, one whom she knew
from the gossip of the temple and the palace to be cruel and degraded.
And she was in the stern of the last canoe, and every enemy back was
toward her, while almost at her feet Mo-sar's loud snores gave ample
evidence of his unconsciousness to his immediate surroundings.

The dark shore loomed closer to the south as Jane Clayton, Lady
Greystoke, slid quietly over the stern of the canoe into the chill
waters of the lake. She scarcely moved other than to keep her nostrils
above the surface while the canoe was yet discernible in the last rays
of the declining moon. Then she struck out toward the southern shore.

Alone, unarmed, all but naked, in a country overrun by savage beasts
and hostile men, she yet felt for the first time in many months a
sensation of elation and relief. She was free! What if the next moment
brought death, she knew again, at least a brief instant of absolute
freedom. Her blood tingled to the almost forgotten sensation and it was
with difficulty that she restrained a glad triumphant cry as she
clambered from the quiet waters and stood upon the silent beach.

Before her loomed a forest, darkly, and from its depths came those
nameless sounds that are a part of the night life of the jungle--the
rustling of leaves in the wind, the rubbing together of contiguous
branches, the scurrying of a rodent, all magnified by the darkness to
sinister and awe-inspiring proportions; the hoot of an owl, the distant
scream of a great cat, the barking of wild dogs, attested the presence
of the myriad life she could not see--the savage life, the free life of
which she was now a

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