Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 138

He must use his wits now and quickly
too, for they were closing upon him. He might have turned and fled back
through the corridor but flight now even in the face of dire necessity
would but delay him in his pursuit of Mo-sar and his mate.

"Stop!" he cried, raising his palm against them. "I am the Dor-ul-Otho
and I come to you with a word from Ja-don, who it is my father's will
shall be your king now that Ko-tan is slain. Lu-don, the high priest,
has planned to seize the palace and destroy the loyal warriors that
Mo-sar may be made king--Mo-sar who will be the tool and creature of
Lu-don. Follow me. There is no time to lose if you would prevent the
traitors whom Lu-don has organized in the city from entering the palace
by a secret way and overpowering Ja-don and the faithful band within."

For a moment they hesitated. At last one spoke. "What guarantee have
we," he demanded, "that it is not you who would betray us and by
leading us now away from the fighting in the banquet hall cause those
who fight at Ja-don's side to be defeated?"

"My life will be your guarantee," replied Tarzan. "If you find that I
have not spoken the truth you are sufficient in numbers to execute
whatever penalty you choose. But come, there is not time to lose.
Already are the lesser priests gathering their warriors in the city
below," and without waiting for any further parley he strode directly
toward them in the direction of the gate upon the opposite side of the
courtyard which led toward the principal entrance to the palace ground.

Slower in wit than he, they were swept away by his greater initiative
and that compelling power which is inherent to all natural leaders. And
so they followed him, the giant ape-man with a dead tail dragging the
ground behind him--a demi-god where another would have been ridiculous.
Out into the city he led them and down toward the unpretentious
building that hid Lu-don's secret passageway from the city to the
temple, and as they rounded the last turn they saw before them a
gathering of warriors which was being rapidly augmented from all
directions as the traitors of A-lur mobilized at the call of the

"You spoke the truth, stranger," said the chief who marched at Tarzan's
side, "for there are the warriors with the priests among them, even as
you told us."

"And now," replied the ape-man, "that I have fulfilled my promise I
will go my way after Mo-sar, who

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