Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 136

regain entrance to the palace grounds that he might search out whatever
new prison they had found in which to incarcerate his lost love.

He found no difficulty in passing the guards at the entrance to the
palace for, as he had guessed, his priestly disguise disarmed all
suspicion. As he approached the warriors he kept his hands behind him
and trusted to fate that the sickly light of the single torch which
stood beside the doorway would not reveal his un-Pal-ul-donian feet. As
a matter of fact so accustomed were they to the comings and goings of
the priesthood that they paid scant attention to him and he passed on
into the palace grounds without even a moment's delay.

His goal now was the Forbidden Garden and this he had little difficulty
in reaching though he elected to enter it over the wall rather than to
chance arousing any suspicion on the part of the guards at the inner
entrance, since he could imagine no reason why a priest should seek
entrance there thus late at night.

He found the garden deserted, nor any sign of her he sought. That she
had been brought hither he had learned from the conversation he had
overheard between Lu-don and Pan-sat, and he was sure that there had
been no time or opportunity for the high priest to remove her from the
palace grounds. The garden he knew to be devoted exclusively to the
uses of the princess and her women and it was only reasonable to assume
therefore that if Jane had been brought to the garden it could only
have been upon an order from Ko-tan. This being the case the natural
assumption would follow that he would find her in some other portion of
O-lo-a's quarters.

Just where these lay he could only conjecture, but it seemed reasonable
to believe that they must be adjacent to the garden, so once more he
scaled the wall and passing around its end directed his steps toward an
entrance-way which he judged must lead to that portion of the palace
nearest the Forbidden Garden.

To his surprise he found the place unguarded and then there fell upon
his ear from an interior apartment the sound of voices raised in anger
and excitement. Guided by the sound he quickly traversed several
corridors and chambers until he stood before the hangings which
separated him from the chamber from which issued the sounds of
altercation. Raising the skins slightly he looked within. There were
two women battling with a Ho-don warrior. One was the daughter of
Ko-tan and the other Pan-at-lee,

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