Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 132

to various parts of the
palace. With Mo-sar as the cat's paw, the plan seemed scarce possible
of failure and so they separated, going upon their immediate errands to
palace and to city.

As Pan-sat entered the palace grounds he was aware of a sudden
commotion in the direction of the pal-e-don-so and a few minutes later
Lu-don was surprised to see him return to the apartments of the high
priest, breathless and excited.

"What now, Pan-sat?" cried Lu-don. "Are you pursued by demons?"

"O master, our time has come and gone while we sat here planning.
Ko-tan is already dead and Mo-sar fled. His friends are fighting with
the warriors of the palace but they have no head, while Ja-don leads
the others. I could learn but little from frightened slaves who had
fled at the outburst of the quarrel. One told me that Bu-lot had slain
the king and that he had seen Mo-sar and the assassin hurrying from the

"Ja-don," muttered the high priest. "The fools will make him king if we
do not act and act quickly. Get into the city, Pan-sat--let your feet
fly and raise the cry that Ja-don has killed the king and is seeking to
wrest the throne from O-lo-a. Spread the word as you know best how to
spread it that Ja-don has threatened to destroy the priests and hurl
the altars of the temple into Jad-ben-lul. Rouse the warriors of the
city and urge them to attack at once. Lead them into the temple by the
secret way that only the priests know and from here we may spew them
out upon the palace before they learn the truth. Go, Pan-sat,
immediately--delay not an instant."

"But stay," he called as the under priest turned to leave the
apartment; "saw or heard you anything of the strange white woman that
Ja-don stole from the Temple of the Gryf where we have had her

"Only that Ja-don took her into the palace where he threatened the
priests with violence if they did not permit him to pass," replied
Pan-sat. "This they told me, but where within the palace she is hidden
I know not."

"Ko-tan ordered her to the Forbidden Garden," said Lu-don, "doubtless
we shall find her there. And now, Pan-sat, be upon your errand."

In a corridor by Lu-don's chamber a hideously masked priest leaned
close to the curtained aperture that led within. Were he listening he
must have heard all that passed between Pan-sat and the high priest,
and that he had listened was evidenced by his hasty withdrawal to the
shadows of a nearby passage as

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