Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 125

doorway upon one side of which two priests stood guard and upon the
other two warriors. The former would have halted Ja-don when they saw
who it was that accompanied him for well known throughout the temple
was the quarrel between king and high priest for possession of this
beautiful stranger.

"Only by order of Lu-don may she pass," said one, placing himself
directly in front of Jane Clayton, barring her progress. Through the
hollow eyes of the hideous mask the woman could see those of the priest
beneath gleaming with the fires of fanaticism. Ja-don placed an arm
about her shoulders and laid his hand upon his knife.

"She passes by order of Ko-tan, the king," he said, "and by virtue of
the fact that Ja-don, the chief, is her guide. Stand aside!"

The two warriors upon the palace side pressed forward. "We are here,
gund of Ja-lur," said one, addressing Ja-don, "to receive and obey your

The second priest now interposed. "Let them pass," he admonished his
companion. "We have received no direct commands from Lu-don to the
contrary and it is a law of the temple and the palace that chiefs and
priests may come and go without interference."

"But I know Lu-don's wishes," insisted the other.

"He told you then that Ja-don must not pass with the stranger?"


"Then let them pass, for they are three to two and will pass anyway--we
have done our best."

Grumbling, the priest stepped aside. "Lu-don will exact an accounting,"
he cried angrily.

Ja-don turned upon him. "And get it when and where he will," he snapped.

They came at last to the quarters of the Princess O-lo-a where, in the
main entrance-way, loitered a small guard of palace warriors and
several stalwart black eunuchs belonging to the princess, or her women.
To one of the latter Ja-don relinquished his charge.

"Take her to the princess," he commanded, "and see that she does not

Through a number of corridors and apartments lighted by stone cressets
the eunuch led Lady Greystoke halting at last before a doorway
concealed by hangings of JATO skin, where the guide beat with his staff
upon the wall beside the door.

"O-lo-a, Princess of Pal-ul-don," he called, "here is the stranger
woman, the prisoner from the temple."

"Bid her enter," Jane heard a sweet voice from within command.

The eunuch drew aside the hangings and Lady Greystoke stepped within.
Before her was a low-ceiled room of moderate size. In each of the four
corners a kneeling figure of stone seemed to be bearing its portion of
the weight of the ceiling upon its shoulders. These figures

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