Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 117

a considerable handicap
and so he laid it aside upon the ground at the foot of the wall. Nimbly
he ascended to find the windows of the second floor not only barred but
curtained within. He did not delay long at the second floor since he
had in mind an idea that he would find the easiest entrance through the
roof which he had noticed was roughly dome shaped like the throneroom
of Ko-tan. Here there were apertures. He had seen them from the ground,
and if the construction of the interior resembled even slightly that of
the throneroom, bars would not be necessary upon these apertures, since
no one could reach them from the floor of the room.

There was but a single question: would they be large enough to admit
the broad shoulders of the ape-man.

He paused again at the third floor, and here, in spite of the hangings,
he saw that the interior was lighted and simultaneously there came to
his nostrils from within a scent that stripped from him temporarily any
remnant of civilization that might have remained and left him a fierce
and terrible bull of the jungles of Kerchak. So sudden and complete was
the metamorphosis that there almost broke from the savage lips the
hideous challenge of his kind, but the cunning brute-mind saved him
this blunder.

And now he heard voices within--the voice of Lu-don he could have
sworn, demanding. And haughty and disdainful came the answering words
though utter hopelessness spoke in the tones of this other voice which
brought Tarzan to the pinnacle of frenzy.

The dome with its possible apertures was forgotten. Every consideration
of stealth and quiet was cast aside as the ape-man drew back his mighty
fist and struck a single terrific blow upon the bars of the small
window before him, a blow that sent the bars and the casing that held
them clattering to the floor of the apartment within.

Instantly Tarzan dove headforemost through the aperture carrying the
hangings of antelope hide with him to the floor below. Leaping to his
feet he tore the entangling pelt from about his head only to find
himself in utter darkness and in silence. He called aloud a name that
had not passed his lips for many weary months. "Jane, Jane," he cried,
"where are you?" But there was only silence in reply.

Again and again he called, groping with outstretched hands through the
Stygian blackness of the room, his nostrils assailed and his brain
tantalized by the delicate effluvia that had first assured him that his
mate had been within this very

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