Tarzan the Terrible

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 11

his opportunity and as they rolled about he forced the creature
closer and closer to the pool, upon the banks of which the battle was
progressing. At last they lay upon the very verge of the water and now
it remained for Tarzan to precipitate them both beneath the surface but
in such a way that he might remain on top.

At the same instant there came within range of Tarzan's vision, just
behind the prostrate form of his companion, the crouching, devil-faced
figure of the striped saber-tooth hybrid, eyeing him with snarling,
malevolent face.

Almost simultaneously Tarzan's shaggy antagonist discovered the
menacing figure of the great cat. Immediately he ceased his belligerent
activities against Tarzan and, jabbering and chattering to the ape-man,
he tried to disengage himself from Tarzan's hold but in such a way that
indicated that as far as he was concerned their battle was over.
Appreciating the danger to his unconscious companion and being anxious
to protect him from the saber-tooth the ape-man relinquished his hold
upon his adversary and together the two rose to their feet.

Drawing his knife Tarzan moved slowly toward the body of his companion,
expecting that his recent antagonist would grasp the opportunity for
escape. To his surprise, however, the beast, after regaining its club,
advanced at his side.

The great cat, flattened upon its belly, remained motionless except for
twitching tail and snarling lips where it lay perhaps fifty feet beyond
the body of the pithecanthropus. As Tarzan stepped over the body of the
latter he saw the eyelids quiver and open, and in his heart he felt a
strange sense of relief that the creature was not dead and a
realization that without his suspecting it there had arisen within his
savage bosom a bond of attachment for this strange new friend.

Tarzan continued to approach the saber-tooth, nor did the shaggy beast
at his right lag behind. Closer and closer they came until at a
distance of about twenty feet the hybrid charged. Its rush was directed
toward the shaggy manlike ape who halted in his tracks with upraised
bludgeon to meet the assault. Tarzan, on the contrary, leaped forward
and with a celerity second not even to that of the swift-moving cat, he
threw himself headlong upon him as might a Rugby tackler on an American
gridiron. His right arm circled the beast's neck in front of the right
shoulder, his left behind the left foreleg, and so great was the force
of the impact that the two rolled over and over several times upon the
ground, the cat screaming and clawing to liberate itself

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