Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 87

ape friend is a friend indeed.

"By jove, where are your father and Mr. Philander? There's someone or
something in that jungle, and it's armed, whatever it is. Ho!
Professor! Mr. Philander!" young Clayton shouted. There was no

"What's to be done, Miss Porter?" continued the young man, his face
clouded by a frown of worry and indecision.

"I can't leave you here alone with these cutthroats, and you certainly
can't venture into the jungle with me; yet someone must go in search of
your father. He is more than apt to wandering off aimlessly,
regardless of danger or direction, and Mr. Philander is only a trifle
less impractical than he. You will pardon my bluntness, but our lives
are all in jeopardy here, and when we get your father back something
must be done to impress upon him the dangers to which he exposes you as
well as himself by his absent-mindedness."

"I quite agree with you," replied the girl, "and I am not offended at
all. Dear old papa would sacrifice his life for me without an
instant's hesitation, provided one could keep his mind on so frivolous
a matter for an entire instant. There is only one way to keep him in
safety, and that is to chain him to a tree. The poor dear is SO

"I have it!" suddenly exclaimed Clayton. "You can use a revolver,
can't you?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I have one. With it you and Esmeralda will be comparatively safe in
this cabin while I am searching for your father and Mr. Philander.
Come, call the woman and I will hurry on. They can't have gone far."

Jane did as he suggested and when he saw the door close safely behind
them Clayton turned toward the jungle.

Some of the sailors were drawing the spear from their wounded comrade
and, as Clayton approached, he asked if he could borrow a revolver from
one of them while he searched the jungle for the professor.

The rat-faced one, finding he was not dead, had regained his composure,
and with a volley of oaths directed at Clayton refused in the name of
his fellows to allow the young man any firearms.

This man, Snipes, had assumed the role of chief since he had killed
their former leader, and so little time had elapsed that none of his
companions had as yet questioned his authority.

Clayton's only response was a shrug of the shoulders, but as he left
them he picked up the spear which had transfixed Snipes, and thus
primitively armed,

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