Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 85


"Who the devil is Tarzan?" cried the sailor who had before spoken.

"He evidently speaks English," said the young man.

"But what does 'Tarzan of the Apes' mean?" cried the girl.

"I do not know, Miss Porter," replied the young man, "unless we have
discovered a runaway simian from the London Zoo who has brought back a
European education to his jungle home. What do you make of it,
Professor Porter?" he added, turning to the old man.

Professor Archimedes Q. Porter adjusted his spectacles.

"Ah, yes, indeed; yes indeed--most remarkable, most remarkable!" said
the professor; "but I can add nothing further to what I have already
remarked in elucidation of this truly momentous occurrence," and the
professor turned slowly in the direction of the jungle.

"But, papa," cried the girl, "you haven't said anything about it yet."

"Tut, tut, child; tut, tut," responded Professor Porter, in a kindly
and indulgent tone, "do not trouble your pretty head with such weighty
and abstruse problems," and again he wandered slowly off in still
another direction, his eyes bent upon the ground at his feet, his hands
clasped behind him beneath the flowing tails of his coat.

"I reckon the daffy old bounder don't know no more'n we do about it,"
growled the rat-faced sailor.

"Keep a civil tongue in your head," cried the young man, his face
paling in anger, at the insulting tone of the sailor. "You've murdered
our officers and robbed us. We are absolutely in your power, but
you'll treat Professor Porter and Miss Porter with respect or I'll
break that vile neck of yours with my bare hands--guns or no guns," and
the young fellow stepped so close to the rat-faced sailor that the
latter, though he bore two revolvers and a villainous looking knife in
his belt, slunk back abashed.

"You damned coward," cried the young man. "You'd never dare shoot a
man until his back was turned. You don't dare shoot me even then," and
he deliberately turned his back full upon the sailor and walked
nonchalantly away as if to put him to the test.

The sailor's hand crept slyly to the butt of one of his revolvers; his
wicked eyes glared vengefully at the retreating form of the young
Englishman. The gaze of his fellows was upon him, but still he
hesitated. At heart he was even a greater coward than Mr. William
Cecil Clayton had imagined.

Two keen eyes had watched every move of the party from the foliage of a
nearby tree. Tarzan had seen the surprise caused by

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