Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 70

on smaller
animals. When the task was finished he carried his trophy to the fork
of a high tree, and there, curling himself securely in a crotch, he
fell into deep and dreamless slumber.

What with loss of sleep, arduous exercise, and a full belly, Tarzan of
the Apes slept the sun around, awakening about noon of the following
day. He straightway repaired to the carcass of Sabor, but was angered
to find the bones picked clean by other hungry denizens of the jungle.

Half an hour's leisurely progress through the forest brought to sight a
young deer, and before the little creature knew that an enemy was near
a tiny arrow had lodged in its neck.

So quickly the virus worked that at the end of a dozen leaps the deer
plunged headlong into the undergrowth, dead. Again did Tarzan feast
well, but this time he did not sleep.

Instead, he hastened on toward the point where he had left the tribe,
and when he had found them proudly exhibited the skin of Sabor, the

"Look!" he cried, "Apes of Kerchak. See what Tarzan, the mighty
killer, has done. Who else among you has ever killed one of Numa's
people? Tarzan is mightiest amongst you for Tarzan is no ape. Tarzan
is--" But here he stopped, for in the language of the anthropoids
there was no word for man, and Tarzan could only write the word in
English; he could not pronounce it.

The tribe had gathered about to look upon the proof of his wondrous
prowess, and to listen to his words.

Only Kerchak hung back, nursing his hatred and his rage.

Suddenly something snapped in the wicked little brain of the
anthropoid. With a frightful roar the great beast sprang among the

Biting, and striking with his huge hands, he killed and maimed a dozen
ere the balance could escape to the upper terraces of the forest.

Frothing and shrieking in the insanity of his fury, Kerchak looked
about for the object of his greatest hatred, and there, upon a near-by
limb, he saw him sitting.

"Come down, Tarzan, great killer," cried Kerchak. "Come down and feel
the fangs of a greater! Do mighty fighters fly to the trees at the
first approach of danger?" And then Kerchak emitted the volleying
challenge of his kind.

Quietly Tarzan dropped to the ground. Breathlessly the tribe watched
from their lofty perches as Kerchak, still roaring, charged the
relatively puny figure.

Nearly seven feet stood Kerchak on his short legs. His enormous
shoulders were bunched and

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