Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 46

hoping to hide himself among them. Tublat, however, was close upon his
heels, so that he had no opportunity to seek a place of concealment,
but saw that he would be put to it to escape at all.

Swiftly he sped toward the surrounding trees and with an agile bound
gained a lower limb with one hand, and then, transferring his burden to
his teeth, he climbed rapidly upward, closely followed by Tublat.

Up, up he went to the waving pinnacle of a lofty monarch of the forest
where his heavy pursuer dared not follow him. There he perched,
hurling taunts and insults at the raging, foaming beast fifty feet
below him.

And then Tublat went mad.

With horrifying screams and roars he rushed to the ground, among the
females and young, sinking his great fangs into a dozen tiny necks and
tearing great pieces from the backs and breasts of the females who fell
into his clutches.

In the brilliant moonlight Tarzan witnessed the whole mad carnival of
rage. He saw the females and the young scamper to the safety of the
trees. Then the great bulls in the center of the arena felt the mighty
fangs of their demented fellow, and with one accord they melted into
the black shadows of the overhanging forest.

There was but one in the amphitheater beside Tublat, a belated female
running swiftly toward the tree where Tarzan perched, and close behind
her came the awful Tublat.

It was Kala, and as quickly as Tarzan saw that Tublat was gaining on
her he dropped with the rapidity of a falling stone, from branch to
branch, toward his foster mother.

Now she was beneath the overhanging limbs and close above her crouched
Tarzan, waiting the outcome of the race.

She leaped into the air grasping a low-hanging branch, but almost over
the head of Tublat, so nearly had he distanced her. She should have
been safe now but there was a rending, tearing sound, the branch broke
and precipitated her full upon the head of Tublat, knocking him to the

Both were up in an instant, but as quick as they had been Tarzan had
been quicker, so that the infuriated bull found himself facing the
man-child who stood between him and Kala.

Nothing could have suited the fierce beast better, and with a roar of
triumph he leaped upon the little Lord Greystoke. But his fangs never
closed in that nut brown flesh.

A muscular hand shot out and grasped the hairy throat, and another
plunged a keen hunting knife a dozen times into the broad

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