Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 168

seven days for him to return.

Tell him, also, that in my home in America, in the city of Baltimore,
there will always be a welcome for him if he cares to come.

I found a note you wrote me lying among the leaves beneath a tree near
the cabin. I do not know how you learned to love me, who have never
spoken to me, and I am very sorry if it is true, for I have already
given my heart to another.

But know that I am always your friend,

Tarzan sat with gaze fixed upon the floor for nearly an hour. It was
evident to him from the notes that they did not know that he and Tarzan
of the Apes were one and the same.

"I have given my heart to another," he repeated over and over again to

Then she did not love him! How could she have pretended love, and
raised him to such a pinnacle of hope only to cast him down to such
utter depths of despair!

Maybe her kisses were only signs of friendship. How did he know, who
knew nothing of the customs of human beings?

Suddenly he arose, and, bidding D'Arnot good night as he had learned to
do, threw himself upon the couch of ferns that had been Jane Porter's.

D'Arnot extinguished the lamp, and lay down upon the cot.

For a week they did little but rest, D'Arnot coaching Tarzan in French.
At the end of that time the two men could converse quite easily.

One night, as they were sitting within the cabin before retiring,
Tarzan turned to D'Arnot.

"Where is America?" he said.

D'Arnot pointed toward the northwest.

"Many thousands of miles across the ocean," he replied. "Why?"

"I am going there."

D'Arnot shook his head.

"It is impossible, my friend," he said.

Tarzan rose, and, going to one of the cupboards, returned with a
well-thumbed geography.

Turning to a map of the world, he said:

"I have never quite understood all this; explain it to me, please."

When D'Arnot had done so, showing him that the blue represented all the
water on the earth, and the bits of other colors the continents and
islands, Tarzan asked him to point out the spot where they now were.

D'Arnot did so.

"Now point out America," said Tarzan.

And as D'Arnot placed his finger upon North

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