Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 164

or brave man; but the other night as
we lay in the jungle there after poor D'Arnot was taken, and those
jungle noises rose and fell around us I began to think that I was a
coward indeed. It was not the roaring and growling of the big beasts
that affected me so much as it was the stealthy noises--the ones that
you heard suddenly close by and then listened vainly for a repetition
of--the unaccountable sounds as of a great body moving almost
noiselessly, and the knowledge that you didn't KNOW how close it was,
or whether it were creeping closer after you ceased to hear it? It was
those noises--and the eyes.

"MON DIEU! I shall see them in the dark forever--the eyes that you
see, and those that you don't see, but feel--ah, they are the worst."

All were silent for a moment, and then Jane spoke.

"And he is out there," she said, in an awe-hushed whisper. "Those eyes
will be glaring at him to-night, and at your comrade Lieutenant
D'Arnot. Can you leave them, gentlemen, without at least rendering
them the passive succor which remaining here a few days longer might
insure them?"

"Tut, tut, child," said Professor Porter. "Captain Dufranne is willing
to remain, and for my part I am perfectly willing, perfectly
willing--as I always have been to humor your childish whims."

"We can utilize the morrow in recovering the chest, Professor,"
suggested Mr. Philander.

"Quite so, quite so, Mr. Philander, I had almost forgotten the
treasure," exclaimed Professor Porter. "Possibly we can borrow some
men from Captain Dufranne to assist us, and one of the prisoners to
point out the location of the chest."

"Most assuredly, my dear Professor, we are all yours to command," said
the captain.

And so it was arranged that on the next day Lieutenant Charpentier was
to take a detail of ten men, and one of the mutineers of the Arrow as a
guide, and unearth the treasure; and that the cruiser would remain for
a full week in the little harbor. At the end of that time it was to be
assumed that D'Arnot was truly dead, and that the forest man would not
return while they remained. Then the two vessels were to leave with
all the party.

Professor Porter did not accompany the treasure-seekers on the
following day, but when he saw them returning empty-handed toward noon,
he hastened forward to meet them--his usual preoccupied indifference
entirely vanished, and in its place a nervous and excited manner.

"Where is the treasure?" he cried to Clayton,

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