Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 140

grass and pointed out the little cabin to her.

She took him by the hand to lead him to it, that she might tell her
father that this man had saved her from death and worse than death,
that he had watched over her as carefully as a mother might have done.

But again the timidity of the wild thing in the face of human
habitation swept over Tarzan of the Apes. He drew back, shaking his

The girl came close to him, looking up with pleading eyes. Somehow she
could not bear the thought of his going back into the terrible jungle

Still he shook his head, and finally he drew her to him very gently and
stooped to kiss her, but first he looked into her eyes and waited to
learn if she were pleased, or if she would repulse him.

Just an instant the girl hesitated, and then she realized the truth,
and throwing her arms about his neck she drew his face to hers and
kissed him--unashamed.

"I love you--I love you," she murmured.

From far in the distance came the faint sound of many guns. Tarzan and
Jane raised their heads.

From the cabin came Mr. Philander and Esmeralda.

From where Tarzan and the girl stood they could not see the two vessels
lying at anchor in the harbor.

Tarzan pointed toward the sounds, touched his breast and pointed again.
She understood. He was going, and something told her that it was
because he thought her people were in danger.

Again he kissed her.

"Come back to me," she whispered. "I shall wait for you--always."

He was gone--and Jane turned to walk across the clearing to the cabin.

Mr. Philander was the first to see her. It was dusk and Mr. Philander
was very near sighted.

"Quickly, Esmeralda!" he cried. "Let us seek safety within; it is a
lioness. Bless me!"

Esmeralda did not bother to verify Mr. Philander's vision. His tone
was enough. She was within the cabin and had slammed and bolted the
door before he had finished pronouncing her name. The "Bless me" was
startled out of Mr. Philander by the discovery that Esmeralda, in the
exuberance of her haste, had fastened him upon the same side of the
door as was the close-approaching lioness.

He beat furiously upon the heavy portal.

"Esmeralda! Esmeralda!" he shrieked. "Let me in. I am being devoured
by a lion."

Esmeralda thought that the noise upon the door was made by the lioness
in her attempts to pursue her, so, after her

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