Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 133

her lids and look upon that noble face so close to hers to
dissipate the last remnant of apprehension.

No, he could never harm her; of that she was convinced when she
translated the fine features and the frank, brave eyes above her into
the chivalry which they proclaimed.

On and on they went through what seemed to Jane a solid mass of
verdure, yet ever there appeared to open before this forest god a
passage, as by magic, which closed behind them as they passed.

Scarce a branch scraped against her, yet above and below, before and
behind, the view presented naught but a solid mass of inextricably
interwoven branches and creepers.

As Tarzan moved steadily onward his mind was occupied with many strange
and new thoughts. Here was a problem the like of which he had never
encountered, and he felt rather than reasoned that he must meet it as a
man and not as an ape.

The free movement through the middle terrace, which was the route he
had followed for the most part, had helped to cool the ardor of the
first fierce passion of his new found love.

Now he discovered himself speculating upon the fate which would have
fallen to the girl had he not rescued her from Terkoz.

He knew why the ape had not killed her, and he commenced to compare his
intentions with those of Terkoz.

True, it was the order of the jungle for the male to take his mate by
force; but could Tarzan be guided by the laws of the beasts? Was not
Tarzan a Man? But what did men do? He was puzzled; for he did not

He wished that he might ask the girl, and then it came to him that she
had already answered him in the futile struggle she had made to escape
and to repulse him.

But now they had come to their destination, and Tarzan of the Apes with
Jane in his strong arms, swung lightly to the turf of the arena where
the great apes held their councils and danced the wild orgy of the

Though they had come many miles, it was still but midafternoon, and the
amphitheater was bathed in the half light which filtered through the
maze of encircling foliage.

The green turf looked soft and cool and inviting. The myriad noises of
the jungle seemed far distant and hushed to a mere echo of blurred
sounds, rising and falling like the surf upon a remote shore.

A feeling of dreamy peacefulness stole over Jane as she sank down upon

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