Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 132

jungle searching for Jane Porter, where the noise of their own
crashing through the underbrush would have drowned the report of a far
distant gun.

By the time the two parties had narrated their several adventures, the
cruiser's boat had returned with supplies and arms for the expedition.

Within a few minutes the little body of sailors and the two French
officers, together with Professor Porter and Clayton, set off upon
their hopeless and ill-fated quest into the untracked jungle.

Chapter XX


When Jane realized that she was being borne away a captive by the
strange forest creature who had rescued her from the clutches of the
ape she struggled desperately to escape, but the strong arms that held
her as easily as though she had been but a day-old babe only pressed a
little more tightly.

So presently she gave up the futile effort and lay quietly, looking
through half-closed lids at the face of the man who strode easily
through the tangled undergrowth with her.

The face above her was one of extraordinary beauty.

A perfect type of the strongly masculine, unmarred by dissipation, or
brutal or degrading passions. For, though Tarzan of the Apes was a
killer of men and of beasts, he killed as the hunter kills,
dispassionately, except on those rare occasions when he had killed for
hate--though not the brooding, malevolent hate which marks the features
of its own with hideous lines.

When Tarzan killed he more often smiled than scowled, and smiles are
the foundation of beauty.

One thing the girl had noticed particularly when she had seen Tarzan
rushing upon Terkoz--the vivid scarlet band upon his forehead, from
above the left eye to the scalp; but now as she scanned his features
she noticed that it was gone, and only a thin white line marked the
spot where it had been.

As she lay more quietly in his arms Tarzan slightly relaxed his grip
upon her.

Once he looked down into her eyes and smiled, and the girl had to close
her own to shut out the vision of that handsome, winning face.

Presently Tarzan took to the trees, and Jane, wondering that she felt
no fear, began to realize that in many respects she had never felt more
secure in her whole life than now as she lay in the arms of this
strong, wild creature, being borne, God alone knew where or to what
fate, deeper and deeper into the savage fastness of the untamed forest.

When, with closed eyes, she commenced to speculate upon the future, and
terrifying fears were conjured by a vivid imagination, she had but to

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