Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 11

to determine if the Fuwalda could be safely worked through
the entrance.

In about an hour they returned and reported deep water through the
passage as well as far into the little basin.

Before dark the barkentine lay peacefully at anchor upon the bosom of
the still, mirror-like surface of the harbor.

The surrounding shores were beautiful with semitropical verdure, while
in the distance the country rose from the ocean in hill and tableland,
almost uniformly clothed by primeval forest.

No signs of habitation were visible, but that the land might easily
support human life was evidenced by the abundant bird and animal life
of which the watchers on the Fuwalda's deck caught occasional glimpses,
as well as by the shimmer of a little river which emptied into the
harbor, insuring fresh water in plenitude.

As darkness settled upon the earth, Clayton and Lady Alice still stood
by the ship's rail in silent contemplation of their future abode. From
the dark shadows of the mighty forest came the wild calls of savage
beasts--the deep roar of the lion, and, occasionally, the shrill scream
of a panther.

The woman shrank closer to the man in terror-stricken anticipation of
the horrors lying in wait for them in the awful blackness of the nights
to come, when they should be alone upon that wild and lonely shore.

Later in the evening Black Michael joined them long enough to instruct
them to make their preparations for landing on the morrow. They tried
to persuade him to take them to some more hospitable coast near enough
to civilization so that they might hope to fall into friendly hands.
But no pleas, or threats, or promises of reward could move him.

"I am the only man aboard who would not rather see ye both safely dead,
and, while I know that's the sensible way to make sure of our own
necks, yet Black Michael's not the man to forget a favor. Ye saved my
life once, and in return I'm goin' to spare yours, but that's all I can

"The men won't stand for any more, and if we don't get ye landed pretty
quick they may even change their minds about giving ye that much show.
I'll put all yer stuff ashore with ye as well as cookin' utensils an'
some old sails for tents, an' enough grub to last ye until ye can find
fruit and game.

"With yer guns for protection, ye ought to be able to live here easy
enough until help comes. When I get safely hid away I'll see to it
that the British

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