Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 109

that she was created to be protected, and that he was created
to protect her.

He wondered why they had dug a great hole in the ground merely to bury
dry bones. Surely there was no sense in that; no one wanted to steal
dry bones.

Had there been meat upon them he could have understood, for thus alone
might one keep his meat from Dango, the hyena, and the other robbers of
the jungle.

When the grave had been filled with earth the little party turned back
toward the cabin, and Esmeralda, still weeping copiously for the two
she had never heard of before today, and who had been dead twenty
years, chanced to glance toward the harbor. Instantly her tears ceased.

"Look at them low down white trash out there!" she shrilled, pointing
toward the Arrow. "They-all's a desecrating us, right here on this
here perverted island."

And, sure enough, the Arrow was being worked toward the open sea,
slowly, through the harbor's entrance.

"They promised to leave us firearms and ammunition," said Clayton.
"The merciless beasts!"

"It is the work of that fellow they call Snipes, I am sure," said Jane.
"King was a scoundrel, but he had a little sense of humanity. If they
had not killed him I know that he would have seen that we were properly
provided for before they left us to our fate."

"I regret that they did not visit us before sailing," said Professor
Porter. "I had proposed requesting them to leave the treasure with us,
as I shall be a ruined man if that is lost."

Jane looked at her father sadly.

"Never mind, dear," she said. "It wouldn't have done any good, because
it is solely for the treasure that they killed their officers and
landed us upon this awful shore."

"Tut, tut, child, tut, tut!" replied Professor Porter. "You are a good
child, but inexperienced in practical matters," and Professor Porter
turned and walked slowly away toward the jungle, his hands clasped
beneath his long coat tails and his eyes bent upon the ground.

His daughter watched him with a pathetic smile upon her lips, and then
turning to Mr. Philander, she whispered:

"Please don't let him wander off again as he did yesterday. We depend
upon you, you know, to keep a close watch upon him."

"He becomes more difficult to handle each day," replied Mr. Philander,
with a sigh and a shake of his head. "I presume he is now off to
report to the directors of the Zoo that one of their lions was at

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