Tarzan of the Apes

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 102

The lion also had
quickened his gait, and was doggedly maintaining an unvarying distance
behind them.

"He is following us!" gasped Mr. Philander, breaking into a run.

"Tut, tut, Mr. Philander," remonstrated the professor, "this unseemly
haste is most unbecoming to men of letters. What will our friends
think of us, who may chance to be upon the street and witness our
frivolous antics? Pray let us proceed with more decorum."

Mr. Philander stole another observation astern.

The lion was bounding along in easy leaps scarce five paces behind.

Mr. Philander dropped the professor's arm, and broke into a mad orgy of
speed that would have done credit to any varsity track team.

"As I was saying, Mr. Philander--" screamed Professor Porter, as,
metaphorically speaking, he himself "threw her into high." He, too,
had caught a fleeting backward glimpse of cruel yellow eyes and half
open mouth within startling proximity of his person.

With streaming coat tails and shiny silk hat Professor Archimedes Q.
Porter fled through the moonlight close upon the heels of Mr. Samuel T.

Before them a point of the jungle ran out toward a narrow promontory,
and it was for the haven of the trees he saw there that Mr. Samuel T.
Philander directed his prodigious leaps and bounds; while from the
shadows of this same spot peered two keen eyes in interested
appreciation of the race.

It was Tarzan of the Apes who watched, with face a-grin, this odd game
of follow-the-leader.

He knew the two men were safe enough from attack in so far as the lion
was concerned. The very fact that Numa had foregone such easy prey at
all convinced the wise forest craft of Tarzan that Numa's belly already
was full.

The lion might stalk them until hungry again; but the chances were that
if not angered he would soon tire of the sport, and slink away to his
jungle lair.

Really, the one great danger was that one of the men might stumble and
fall, and then the yellow devil would be upon him in a moment and the
joy of the kill would be too great a temptation to withstand.

So Tarzan swung quickly to a lower limb in line with the approaching
fugitives; and as Mr. Samuel T. Philander came panting and blowing
beneath him, already too spent to struggle up to the safety of the
limb, Tarzan reached down and, grasping him by the collar of his coat,
yanked him to the limb by his side.

Another moment brought the professor within the sphere of the friendly
grip, and he, too, was drawn

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