Tarzan, apinain kuningas Seikkailuromaani Afrikan aarniometsistä

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 137

sinne villiin viidakkoon?"

"Minä synnyin siellä", virkkoi Tarzan tyynesti. "Äitini oli apina
eikä hän tietenkään voinut minulle paljoa kertoa Kuka oli isäni, sitä
en ole koskaan saanut tietää."

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Text Comparison with The Land That Time Forgot

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Nobs rose with a low growl.
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She was very beautiful.
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" And I held her tightly while I called Nobs and bade him lie down at her back.
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"If she's friendly," he said, "we'll speak her.
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Another few minutes would have done for me, I am sure, but the warmth of the interior helped to revive me, aided and abetted by some brandy which Bradley poured down my throat, from which it nearly removed the membrane.
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If God wills it, we shall live out our lives here.