By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 85

Island of Trees," replied the man; "for
he is ready to take you as his mate."

"I will not go," said Dian. "I will die first."

"I am sent to bring you, and bring you I shall."

I could hear him crossing the cave toward her.

Frantically I clawed the wall of the cave in which I was in an effort
to find the elusive aperture that would lead me to Dian's side.

I heard the sound of a scuffle in the next cave. Then my fingers sank
into loose rock and earth in the side of the cave. In an instant I
realized why I had been unable to find the opening while I had been
lightly feeling the surface of the walls--Dian had blocked up the hole
she had made lest it arouse suspicion and lead to an early discovery of
Juag's escape.

Plunging my weight against the crumbling mass, I sent it crashing into
the adjoining cavern. With it came I, David, Emperor of Pellucidar. I
doubt if any other potentate in a world's history ever made a more
undignified entrance. I landed head first on all fours, but I came
quickly and was on my feet before the man in the dark guessed what had

He saw me, though, when I arose and, sensing that no friend came thus
precipitately, turned to meet me even as I charged him. I had my stone
knife in my hand, and he had his. In the darkness of the cave there
was little opportunity for a display of science, though even at that I
venture to say that we fought a very pretty duel.

Before I came to Pellucidar I do not recall that I ever had seen a
stone knife, and I am sure that I never fought with a knife of any
description; but now I do not have to take my hat off to any of them
when it comes to wielding that primitive yet wicked weapon.

I could just see Dian in the darkness, but I knew that she could not
see my features or recognize me; and I enjoyed in anticipation, even
while I was fighting for her life and mine, her dear joy when she
should discover that it was I who was her deliverer.

My opponent was large, but he also was active and no mean knife-man.
He caught me once fairly in the shoulder--I carry the scar yet, and
shall carry it to the grave. And then he did a foolish thing, for as

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Text Comparison with Warlord of Mars

Page 9
To have followed the thern boat across the gleaming water would have been to invite instant detection, and so, though I was loath to permit Thurid to pass even for an instant beyond my sight, I was forced to wait in the shadows until the other boat had passed from my sight at the far extremity of the lake.
Page 10
It had taken several hours to force my way up to the falls against the strong current, and other hours would be required for the descent, although the pace would be much swifter.
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I kept abreast of Woola that we might have the benefit of all our eyes for what might appear suddenly ahead to menace us, and well it was that we were forewarned.
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As I turned toward them it was with difficulty that I controlled my features, for there, listening to Kulan Tith's eulogistic words concerning me, stood my arch-enemies, Matai Shang and Thurid.
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"So I sent emissaries to Helium, and to the court of Xodar, Jeddak of the First Born, and to him who now rules those of the thern nation that have renounced their religion; and from each and all I heard the same story of unspeakable cruelties and atrocities perpetrated upon the poor defenseless victims of their religion by the Holy Therns.
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Then a sudden light brightened his countenance.
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"Wait!" I exclaimed, "beyond the southern fringe of this great forest lies the wreck of the thern flier which brought me that far upon my way.
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Only man could have placed that collar there, and as no race of Martians of which we knew aught ever had attempted to domesticate the ferocious.
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Talu gave us careful directions for the journey to Kadabra, the capital city of the Okar nation, which is the racial name of the yellow men.
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He told me that princes, jeds, and even jeddaks of the outer world, were among the menials who served the yellow race; but when I asked him if he had heard of the fate of Mors Kajak or Tardos Mors he shook his head, saying that he never had heard of their being prisoners here, though he was very familiar with the reputations and fame they bore in the outer world.
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My companion but shook his head disconsolately and walked to one of the windows upon the far side of the apartment.
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Dihn call aloud to Thuvia, but an instant later his exclamation of surprise betokened that he, too, had been repulsed by his own daughter.
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The wall of my prison was of clearest glass--behind the glass were the tantalizing viands.
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"Double the figure," he said.
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"Now," he said, "are you quite sure that you know the way to your destination? You must travel quickly to cover the ground to the cave and from thence beyond the Great Power, all within a brief hour, for no more dare I spare you.
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Then others saw me, and there was a concerted rush to lay hands upon me, for these were all members of the palace guard--men familiar with my face.
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I knew that if I were to throw it in time to save the oncoming fleet it must be done in the next few seconds, and so I tried my old rushing tactics; but I might as well have rushed a brick wall for all that Solan gave way.
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Instantly I crossed the small chamber, and, parting the curtains, looked within the larger apartment.
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Her disheveled hair and panting bosom betokened that, chained though she was, still had she fought against the thing that they would do to her.
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"Judges," he said, "there can be but one verdict.